I have always loved to cook and bake (I think I get this from my mom so, thanks, Mom!) but I have never been one inclined to take pictures of my food (I much prefer to eat it immediately), so I guess it’s kind of ironic that I have decided to create a cooking/baking blog.

I grew up in Los Angeles, California which has a lot of amazing Mexican food. My mom is also Mexican-American, and I love the flavors and all of the delicious herbs and spices used in Mexican food, so you will find lots of those kinds of recipes here. After high school, I moved to Boston for college and began expanding my palate!

In the ten years to follow I spent a semester in London, graduated and moved to NYC, where I was exposed to perhaps the most diverse variety of food in the world. I spent five years in New York enjoying all of the new experiences and cuisines I could squeeze in. During this time I traveled like a maniac to places like Africa and Tahiti where I further fell in love with new global flavors. I later moved to Washington, D.C. with my now-husband before we got married and decided to move back to my home in Southern California.

My husband, Brian, loves being my recipe guinea pig. However, in a devastating twist of fate, he has gluten sensitivity (and I love gluten almost as much as I love him) and I am allergic to shellfish (he would have shellfish for breakfast lunch and dinner if he could), so we could never share our favorite foods (he would say that is a good thing, though)!