Sirloin Steak on Electric Grill

Sirloin is essentially a high-quality meat of beef that has been cut from the loin of the animal. Beef, as is known, is pregnant with nutrients. Proteins are heavily loaded on the meat and it is pretty popular with the foodies. Grilling a sirloin would significantly enhance its flavor and give it a tinge of texture so beautiful that it would be irresistible in all of its aspects. To make some great beef steaks with a pleasing flavor, we will have to take a look at this recipe. Without talking about it further, let us get into it.


The time required

Sirloin is a heavy meat and so it will be assumed to be time-consuming. However, the final product of cooking would be ready to soothe your senses in a total time of 30 minutes. Out of this, the time required for preparation is 15 minutes. This recipe would feed 4 people and is pretty easy to make.

The required ingredients

There is a little bunch of ingredients that are supposed to be ready on your kitchen shelf before proceeding further with the cooking procedure. And, that bunch includes:

  • 4 sirloin steaks, preferably ¼ to one and a half inches in thickness
  • Some kosher salt
  • Some pepper, freshly ground
  • 2 tablespoons full of either olive oil or canola oil

As you prepare these ingredients and find them at hand, you may look forward to preparing your electric grill and thus to proceeding further with the recipe.


The cooking procedure

This process is fairly easy and remarkably less time-consuming. To pull off perfectly grilled sirloin steak, go through the guide that follows and try to stick to the steps listed down. Here they are:

  1. Allow your steaks to sit for at least 20 minutes after taking them out from the fridge. This has to be done at normal temperature.
  2. Fire up your electric grill to a high flame.
  3. Use oil, pepper, and salt on both the sides of the steaks, seasoning them liberally.
  4. Transfer your steaks on to the grill.
  5. Continue cooking until they appear golden brown or slightly charred. This should take about 4-5minutes.
  6. After this, flip over the steaks.
  7. Go on to grill the steaks for about 3-5 minutes or note the temperature reading of an inserted thermometer. At 135 degrees Fahrenheit, the steaks would be medium-rare. At 140, medium and medium-well at 150 degree F.
  8. Determine the type of cooking you would be interested in and grill accordingly.
  9. With that done, you may place your steaks on a chopping board and serve.
  10. However, do allow the dish to rest for about 5 minutes before you move into slicing.

Hence, an easy beef recipe comes to an end. Now we know that “easy beef” is not an oxymoron but s reality. We discussed the recipe quite enthusiastically and so we recommend that you shove aside lethargy and move on, over to this recipe. Let us go!

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